Gentlemen’s Precision Rifle Course 1-5 Aug 2018

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Wanted to give everyone a heads-up on a great new class we're doing here soon at the High Bar - read on and let us know if you're interested in getting in on this unique and fun opportunity while there are slots open!

 can attend?  Beginner to Expert precision shooters looking for additional exposure to the precision shooting while enjoying the finest of amenities.
What will you experience? Includes; 4 days, 3 nights, total 2 full days of long range precision training, one day of prairie dog hunting, one evening of night vision exposure, upscale ranch cooking, double occupancy lodging in our new lodge, all adult beverages, on site transportation and full access to our 20 range shooting facility with close to 1000 steel targets.

When is the experience? 1-5 August 2018, arrive on the 1st, training occurs the 2nd, 3rd, prairie dog hunt on the 4th and depart on the 5th.

Where is the location? The High Bar Homestead is set in the foothills of the Black Hills in the NE corner of Wyoming. Our facilities terrain consists of flat prairie to timbered foothills and is what can only be described as God’s Country.  While secluded, our location is ideal for folks flying in as the Campbell County Airport is 30 minutes from our front gate.

Why would I attend?  We have created the ultimate Gentlemen’s shooting experience both during the day while training and in the evenings where the fellowship begins. Whether a new long range shooter looking to learn the basics or a seasoned vet wanting to polish your skills we’ll have you covered, all while enjoying the best meals, accommodations and instruction in the business.


Instruction provided by Recon Sniper Caylen Wojcik of Kalinski Consulting

(Kalinski Consulting & Training Services was founded by Caylen Wojcik.
  Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years worth of professional experience in the realm of precision shooting.  Through reading and self-guided research, Caylen’s passion for precision shooting began at a very young age as he explored the fascinating components of the precision shooting system.  His professional career began as a Marine Scout/Sniper, spending close to a decade immersed in the culture and learning how to create both basically trained and advanced Marine Scout/Snipers.  During his time in the Marine Corps, Caylen served as both a basic and advanced sniper instructor training hundreds of Marines, to include elements of Naval Special Warfare, the US Army, and dozens of law enforcement agencies.  
Upon completion of his active duty service, Caylen went on to continue teaching professionals in the private security sector, law enforcement and military snipers, and responsible armed citizens. )

GEAR NEEDED: Basic Precision Rifle Gear List (we handle everything else)

Rifle capable of at least 1 Minute of Angle accuracy or better
Bipod with adjustable L/R cant
Easily adjustable sling (Recommended: Magpul MS1 Padded Sling)
Magnified optic with exposed target turret adjustments
If the rifle is capable of detachable magazines, 3x spare magazines

300 Rounds of Match ammunition (Hand loads are acceptable, but please understand you will be responsible for the performance of your ammunition and no refunds will be provided if your ammunition does not perform reliably, or accurately.)

Weapon/Optic Support Equipment:
One-piece cleaning rod
Bore guide
Appropriate cleaning solvents.
KG1 Carbon Remover
KG2 Bore Polish
Rubbing Alcohol
Nylon bore brush
Appropriate pierce-style jag for your caliber
Chamber mop
Lubricant oil for your bolt
Optic cleaning wipes and brush
Required tools for rifle and optic fasteners
Blue Loctite

Individual Equipment
Individual hydration system
Backpack/rucksack of sufficient size to carry all your gear
Arm coach (Recommended Gear: RE Factor Tactical)
Notebook, pens, pencils.

Cost is $4000 
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