New Class Upcoming!HBH Extreme Long Range Exposure

Posted by High Bar Homestead on Aug 8, 2018 11:34:00 PM

HBH Extreme Long Range Exposure

Who can attend? Experienced precision shooters looking for additional exposure to extreme long range precision engagements (1000 yards plus) and who are looking for the finest amenities.

What does the package include? 4 days, 3 nights, total 1.5 days of long range precision training, one afternoon of extreme long range prairie dog hunting, one evening of night vision exposure, all upscale ranch meals, double occupancy lodging in our new lodge, all adult beverages, on site transportation and full access to our 20 range shooting facility with close to 1000 steel targets and ranges out to 2000 yards. All of this for $3000.

When is the experience? September 30 – October 3 2018, arrive on the 30th, training occurs the 1st and 2nd, prairie dog hunt the afternoon of the 2nd and depart on the 3rd.

Where is the location? The High Bar Homestead is set in the foothills of the Black Hills in the NE corner of Wyoming. Our facilities terrain consists of flat prairie to timbered foothills and is what can only be described as God’s Country. While secluded, our location is ideal for folks flying in as the Campbell County Airport is 30 minutes from our front gate. Rental cars are available at the airport.

Why would I attend? We have created the ultimate extreme long range training during the daytime and in the evenings enjoy bonfires, horse shoes, Hammerschlagen, front porch sitting and fellowship. Whether new to extreme long range shooter looking to learn the basics past 1000 yards or a seasoned vet wanting to polish your skills we’ll have you covered, all while enjoying the best meals, accommodations and instruction in the business. Oh, and if you bring a rifle caliber that can streach you’ll have bragging rights that you can nail a target out to a mile.

Instruction details:

The High Bar Homestead is a professional firearms training facility that provides new and seasoned shooters the ability to push their knowledge and skills to the next level while providing a turnkey solution to lodging, meals and drinks, ranges and instruction. The Extreme Long Range Exposure is designed to stretch larger caliber rifles (.338 and up) out to extended ranges. The instruction provided will facilitate the finite detail needed to maximize your weapons potential while maintaining a strong focus on the fundamentals.

All shooters are welcome to attend no matter what caliber of rifle they have to shoot. We do recommend a minimum of a .308 for engagements to 1200, 6mm or 6.5 to a mile and .338 or bigger for the 2k targets. HBH is designed to accommodate all caliber rifles in this course. While we will maximize any rifle you bring, caliber may be a distance limitation on some of the targets provided.

The Instructor:

Our Instructor (Matt Gibson) has been educating shooters in Precision Rifle for more than 20 years. His military, law enforcement and civilian training packages have been fine tuned to enhance the capabilities of everyone from Special Operations teams to PRS shooter. The instruction provided will be up-to-date information that is actively being used on foreign soil and in the competition realm.

Like what you see?

Contact Ryan (Tex) Yarnell at or (423) 608-4401

A deposit of 50% is required to secure your spot with the other 50% due upon arrival. Payment can be made by check.


Equipment requirements for the Course:

  1. A rifle capable of shooting and maintaining 1” groups at 100 yards
  2. A minimum of 400 rounds of high quality ammunition. (This can be a blend if the shooter is bringing multiple rifles.)
  3. Strelok Pro Application downloaded to your phone or tablet.
  4. A scope with exposed turrets that dials in minutes or mils. The scope should also contain a minute or mil reticle.
  5. Scope tools to make zero adjustments. (Allen wrench for your specific scope.)
  6. Bipod (preferably adjustable.)
  7. Pen and paper. (Data book if available.)
  8. Rain and cool weather clothing.
  9. Ear protection. (Electronic preferably)
  10. Eye protection. (Sunglasses and clear)

Nice to have:

  1. Kestrel 5700 w/ Applied Ballistics Software
  2. Spotting Scope and tripod
  3. Range Finder (capable of 2k yards)
  4. If bringing a big bore, a second rifle to work fundamentals with a lighter caliber.

Note: Shooters are welcome to bring firearms of their choosing to train with. Please keep in mind, we will have a full schedule. However, we will do our best to fit alternate training into the program.
Rifles, gear and ammo may be shipped to the below to arrive between Sept 28th- 30th . Airlines also allow for the transport of firearms (check United regs). Ammo over 11 lbs should be shipped.
High Bar Homestead
Extreme Long Range
Att. Joe Smith (your name)
700 Horse Creek Rd
Gillette, WY 82716


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