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Understanding the details is key in providing a solution. We'll work closely with your team to create a schedule of events that accomplishes your team's goals.
  • You bring the guns and ammo - High Bar handles the rest
  • We know top-notch media talent - if you're looking
  • Luxury accommodations - you aren't going to be roughin' it
  • Minutes away from more than 15 high quality shooting ranges

Start Planning Your Event Now

Firearm Industry Events - We Got This

High Bar Homestead has experience planning and facilitating industry events. From product launches to media days, we always come prepared to execute at the highest levels for you.

Lean on Our Experience

Leaning on our experience is an added benefit. Media events can be boring, not on our watch. We build a solid plan which leads to goal accomplishment. An exciting, action packed day(s) on the range. Writers need a 1000 steel targets, not just paper on a flat range. Having everything you need within the gates of HBH is the difference between having the time to fellowship and well, not.

Photoshoots are not easy

Logistical nightmares some say. With Golden hours, dramatic models, lighting conditions, meals, transport, drive times, it's a lot. Imagine this, wake up 0400, breakfast is ready, cup of coffee, got it, now to work, just out the front door is your office for the day, 5 min drive, back to the lodge for lunch, back to work, again, just outside the door, 5 min back to supper, enjoy the no doubt to die for meal then out for golden hour aaaaand cocktails...ahhhh fellowship.
You're having your next event at High Bar Homestead, sound like a plan? Get started by reaching out to our team of experts and you'll be on the way to an event to remember.