We're High Bar and we're here to help

Firearms industry professional searching for an event venue look no further, this is our expertise. We offer a turnkey solution for your business needs.

We leave no stone unturned and seek to understand all aspects of your project to make it awesome.

Photo/video shoot? We know all the spots (and we can even recommend some photographers that know the High Bar). 

Varying terrain and several different landscapes offer amazing backdrops. Collect terabytes of data for your brands portfolio.

Media event? Bring it, we excel at these. With over 20 outdoor shooting ranges and plenty of firing line at each range, they'll stay entertained using your product for the duration of their stay. Product launch? Not only will you have amazing ranges, but the whole venue will impress your clients. Board meeting? Employee Appreciation? Staff training? We could go on forever!

What We Do Best

We have the setup and the expertise to help facilitate whatever firearm industry event you can imagine
Make media events great again
After a few years, we have perfected our firearms industry support of media events. Gone are the days of prison food, military cots, flat ranges and paper targets. During your stay, your employees and clients will eat, rest and kick back like they should. The ranges they use are not only entertaining but safe and challenging. There's no disappearing into the hotel room for the night. Fellowship is a shining star at the High Bar - we work, eat and relax together. A vital ingredient when connecting with the media or clients.
Product Launch? No Problem
We love new product launches, and why shouldn't we? They're exciting and new products drive sales. Firearm brands plan these launches in a environment capable of being educational and entertaining allowing their latest and greatest to shine. Invite your sales partners, media and employees and boom, you've garnered new sales and print articles in one pop.

Just contact HBH and book a trip. It'll be impossible to regret.

It's difficult to put into words why I clicked the 5 star rating, because High Bar Homestead isn't a place as much as it is an experience that you'll never forget. The property, the professional staff and the camaraderie leave you wanting to go back as soon as you get home. The possibilities at HBH are endless for team building, marketing content, hunting, relaxing, or spending quality time with friends & family. For me I had a working vacation, with more emphasis on vacation, by default. I've never felt more rested. And let's not forget about the food. Bring an appetite, 'cause you're gonna need it. They'll spoil you rotten... cruise ship style.
Chad Enos - Marketing Representaive Kel-Tec Weapons

All things equal, we couldn’t be happier with our experience.

To realize the vision we had for our client, we knew immediately that High Bar Homestead was a perfect fit when we came across it. In addition to offering acres of varied terrain, targets and shooting scenarios, the surrounding landscape was likewise as inspiring—lending an authentic atmosphere to our photo and video shoot that we couldn’t have found anywhere else. It even shaped the direction of our shoot while we were there, resulting in image and video assets that were way more real, raw, and engaging than we could have ever imagined. Additionally, Drake, Shannon and Kelsy were extremely accommodating from our initial conversations all the way beyond our time spent on-site. The only reason we’d hesitate to recommend High Bar Homestead to anyone else is that it would let them in on the secret…
Bo Sims - Creative Tangelo Services

It proved to be exactly what we were were looking for when we signed up.

We spent five days out there for a video/photo shoot and could not have asked for anything more. The ranch had everything we needed. The staff could not have been any more accommodating. They made sure we had everything possible to make our trip a success. It proved to be exactly what we were were looking for when we signed up.

We will definitely be back and looking forward to seeing all the new features being worked on.

Scott Volquartsen - Volquartsen firearms President/CEO

We handle it all - transportation, meals, lodging, drinks, ranges and safety officers.

Private ranges
We offer exclusive access to our entire facility during your stay. No more looky-loo's when renting out a bay at the local range. You've got the place to yourself.
The lost art of fellowship
The High Bar provides an environment that exudes fellowship. Group meals, front porch rocking, firepit sitting and group fun is all part of a successful time spent. 


Tell us your shortcomings and we'll find the solution.