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Thousand-Yard Known Distance

Diamond Cabaret

Dixon's Outlook

Hogan's Alley

Johnny's Boneyard

The Shoot House

White's Hill

The Roost

Square Bay

Daly's Draw

Puller's Point

Quigley's Rig

Triple H

Ranges for days, steel for weeks

The ranges at High Bar are as diverse as they get. With nearly 1,000 steel targets and over 20 ranges spread across 250 acres the variety is endless.
Pistol Shooting Icon
Pistol Ranges
Our pistol caliber ranges offer a variety of different environments to ring steel; static, moving , single track hike, plate racks and Texas stars. And yeah, lots of steel.
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Precision Ranges
Our precision ranges consist of both the known and unknown distance variety including a 1000 yard Known Distance. Ample steel targets litter the 250 acres from 100 to 2000 yards.
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Shotgun Ranges
Try your hand at a little backwoods clay tossing for those looking to scratch that itch. Nothing fancy for the time being but keep your eye out for this to shift gears.
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Carbine Ranges
The carbine ranges at the High Bar include primitive and improved firing positions at unknown distances. Engage steel targets from 100-650 yards in a natural setting.

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